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What is BacklinksbuildingBot?

BacklinksbuildingBot is a web crawler that powers the database for both Backlinksbuilding.Top, an online data toolset, and a revenue-sharing web search engine. It’s the eighth most active crawler after Google’s and Other's , visiting over 0.1 billion web pages every 24 hours and updating its index every 60–180 minutes.

Our bot indexes fresh, accurate information about websites and their content, and how they link to each other. This data is incredibly useful.

Questions? We have answers

  • Does BacklinksbuildingBot respect robots.txt files?

    Yes. Absolutely.We strictly respect robots.txt on both disallow and allow rules.

  • How do I control BacklinksbuildingBot on my website?

    Since BacklinksbuildingBot strictly follows the robots.txt file on your website, you're in full control of what it does.To change the frequency at which BacklinksbuildingBot visits your site, just specify the minimum acceptable delay between two consecutive requests in your robots.txt file:

    User-agent: BacklinksbuildingBot

    Crawl-Delay: [value]

    (Where Crawl-Delay value is time in seconds.)
    If you want to stop BacklinksbuildingBot from visiting your site, add these two lines to the robots.txt file on your server:

    User-agent: BacklinksbuildingBot

    Disallow: /

    Please note that BacklinksbuildingBot may need some time to pick up the changes in your robots.txt file. This is done before the next scheduled crawl.

    Also, if your robots.txt contains errors, BacklinksbuildingBot won’t be able to recognize your commands and it'll continue crawling your website the way it did before.

    Read more about robots.txt at

    If you think that BacklinksbuildingBot is misbehaving on your website or if you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll do our best to help.

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